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Future Events of the SIG

The Literature, Media and Cultural Studies SIG invites for two online events related to film and video in ELT.


  1. Open Forum: Pages on the Big Screen - 24-30 August 2015: In this Open Forum we are inviting all our Discussion List members to share their experiences using commercial film adaptations of books, comics and other forms of storytelling with their English language learners. Which novels or plays have been successfully put on the big screen? Is the book always better than the film? Which films have you used with your students? First read the book and then watch the video or the other way round?
  2. Video in Action – Fielded discussion with Kieran Donaghy – 20-27 September 2015: Communication is increasingly being done through visual media and this has important implications in education in general and language learning in particular. In this fielded discussion , Kieran Donaghy- 2013 ELTon Winner - will be sharing ideas on how to best use video in the language learning classroom, and the best online video and film resources for learners to use outside the classroom to help them improve their language skills. These are some of the issues which we may discuss: What are the benefits of using visual media in the language classroom? What are the most effective ways of using visual media in language education? Should schools rely less on print as the primary medium of dissemination and instruction and instead, move towards visual media and the screen?

Join us for both events at:  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/LMCSSig/info