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Committee Members

The Literature, Media and Cultural Studies SIG Committee plans events and keeps members informed of the SIG's activities. We are:

Welcome Eveline Reichel, our new events coordinator! For Eveline's background, see below.

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Chris Lima - SIG Coordinator

Amos Paran - Treasurer

Alan Pulverness - Newsletter editor

Christien van Gool - Discussion List Moderator

Carel Burghout - Webmaster

Heather Doiron - Member

Eveline Reichel - Events coordinator


Chris Lima is the LMCS coordinator. She is also the coordinator of the Critical Literacy in ELT Project, for which she and her team were awarded the 2007 British Council Innovation Award, and the coordinator of the ELT e-Reading Group Project developed in partnership with the British Council literature department. Chris holds a Degree in English from the University of London and is currently involved in teacher education programmes and networking. At the 2014 Harrogate Conference Chris became our SIG Coordinator.

Amos Paran is a Senior Lecturer in Education at the Institute of Education, University of London, where he teaches on the MA TESOL and supervises doctoral students. He started his professional career in Israel, where he taught EFL in secondary schools. His main research interests are reading in a foreign language and the use of literature in language learning. His publications include an edited collection entitled Literature in Language Learning and Teaching, published by TESOL in 2006, an edited collection on assessment (including assessing literature), Testing the Untestable in Language Education, published in 2010 by Multilingual Matters, and a State-of-the-Art paper, The role of literature in instructed foreign language learning and teaching: An evidence-based survey, published in the journal Language Teaching.

Alan Pulverness is Assistant Academic Director at NILE (Norwich Institute for Language Education) and co-author of a number of ELT textbooks, including the award-winning Macmillan Short Course Programme (1993; 1995). He has acted as consultant on curriculum and materials writing projects in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and the UK.  From 2000 to 2004 he edited IATEFL Conference Selections and he co-chaired the British Council Oxford Conference on the Teaching of Literature from 2002 to 2006. His most recent publications are Reading Matters (Helbling 2007) and (with Mary Spratt & Melanie Williams) The TKT Course (2005; 2011)

Carel Burghout is a teacher trainer, assessor and lecturer from Fontys College of Education, Tilburg, The Netherlands. He teaches literature and cultural studies. He creates web materials for education as a free-lance writer and webmaster IATEFL's Testing, Evaluation and Assessment site. Carel is the author of two slim volumes on dealing with literature in top forms (Eldorado) and is especially interested in children's reading and ways of promoting it.

Christien van Gool is a teacher of English at Vavolyceum, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Apart from being a teacher she has been active in the Dutch teachers' association since 1986: by organising conferences for teachers of English in the Netherlands, being editor of the magazine and writing columns (at the moment she is chair of Nationaal Congres Engels). She was the moderator of a weblog for secondary school teachers for some years. And she works for a publisher making teaching materials (www.waspreporter.nl).

Heather Doiron lives in Japan and teaches at Nanzan University in Nagoya. She holds a M.Ed in Psychology and Counseling from University of New Brunswick and B.Ed from the University of Prince Edward Island. Particular interests include making classic literature accessible to ESL/EFL students, and improving student motivation.

Eveline Reichel is a teacher of English at a Swiss state Kantonsschule. She been teaching 12-19-year-old teenagers in this highly selective school up to what in Britain would be the first year at university. This includes language as well as literature classes. Therefore, literature is of great concern to her teaching English to youngsters.Eveline has been a long time supporter and active member of the LMCS.